Two More Brilliant Before & After Bonsai

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  We found these two photos at Bonsai Shikoku. All the text is Japanese and there are no intermediate photos, so what you see is what you get. At a glance you can see that there have been two major changes. First, the foliage has been thinned in order to expose most of the trunk Read More

Still Crazy and an American Bonsai Classic

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Michael Levin's 'Hatanaka' Prostrata juniper, June 2015. Even though the foliage hasn't filled out yet, this shot clearly shows the bones of the tree and seems like a good place to start. Still Crazy. Yesterday we put together a Before and After post that featured three trees by Bonsai Crazy (aka Uchida Yusuki). This jogged Read More

Building Structure

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Source: Adam’s Art and Bonsai Blog. There might be a tree here. Underneath the leaves, somewhere. Maybe. But I do believe it’s time for the scissor. Let’s see what’s underneath.  Ah, I see a trunk. We might have a bonsai here, instead of a bush. Not that a bush is bad….. There are even some branches. Yup. Uh huh. Movement too.  Sometimes Read More

Poor Man’s Tea

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Source: Bonsai Beginnings Blog. Sweet Plum Chinese Sweet Plum Chinese Bird Plum Hedge Sageretia Pauper’s Tea Mock Buckthorn Sageretia theezans Sageretia thea sa-jer-ET-ee-a Chinese Bird Plum Sageretia theezans Sageretias are tender shrubs with small green leaves and leathery exfoliating bark that leaves a multicolored patchwork. In summer tiny flowers appear in the leaf axils of Read More

Seasonal Work on an Upright Hackberry

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Source: Bonsai Tree Blog. A little more of the history behind this tree can be read in a previous blog here. However in brief it is a tree which I started from seed around 15 years ago, first field growing it and then developing it further in a container. I have learnt much about bonsai Read More

Ficus with rounder leaves

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Source: Bonsai Hunk Blog. Ficus show lots of natural variations when grown from seed. Leaf shape, leaf size, bark color, vigor etc. can vary greatly from one seedling to the next. This can even occur with seed harvested from the same mother tree. Ficus virens with a rounder leaf form Some of the leaves are Read More

Nicodemia is one of the old time house plants

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Source: Bonsai Beginnings Blog. NicodemiaParlor OakIndoor Oak NicodemiaRoom OakParlor OakIndoor Oak Buddleia indica (BUD-lee-uh) Nicodemia diversifolia Buddleia indica:Loganiaceae Family: Loganiaceae After the American botanist James Logan Butterfly Bush…… This native to Madagascar is an evergreen shrub with alternate leaves that are reminiscent of oak leaves. Parlor Oak has light to dark brown bark laced with Read More