Making A Round Mame Stand

1 year ago Nebby 0

Source: Art Of The Daiza Blog.


I have always wanted to make one of these round mame stands for trees, wire trees or stones. Most of the ones I have seen are made with poor joinery and poor painted finish on them.

I was finally asked by a client to make one so I took my time and did it.

First, I drew the whole stand full size on a board.


Next, I knew the part that would take some thinking to produce would be the rings. Since they are made from 4 pieces, I wanted them to be strong so I used a “lap joint” to connect them. It was a little tricky as the joint has to be at a certain degree to make a tight joint.

img_1413 img_1414

But finally, they were done!


Next was making the box (the easy part for me).


I made a piece of molding I mitered to make the feet for the box.


The drawer fronts I made out of layering two pieces of 1/4″ thick material with routered edges.

img_1430 img_1429


Then I planed the wood down to 1/4″ to make the shelves and used a dado blade set on my table saw to make the grooves so that the shelves would also be strong at the joints. I also made a small molding I could glue onto the ends of the curved end shelves to sand and shape down to make the curved end.


After sanding the rings and adding a routered edge, I clamped up the whole ring and shelf area.

img_1416 img_1428

After building the drawer boxes and shooting a nice dark finish on all the parts, they were ready for the clear spray finish coats and assembly. (the finish looks terrible in this bad close up photo i took with my iphone!!!)



Finally it was done!  21″ tall x 20″ wide with 3″ deep shelves.


I am looking forward to making larger ones with different shapes soon, maybe like this one!