Monster Demo Bonsai on a Monster Hydraulic Turntable

Source: Bonsaibark Monster Demo Bonsai on a Monster Hydraulic Turntable That’s famous bonsai master, Kunio Kobayashi on the right, getting ready to tackle his monster demo tree. And yes, that’s a Green T Professional Hydraulic Lift Bonsai Turntable gamely holding the behemoth up. The after shot is below It’s Saturday, a good day to catch up […]

Rising to the Challenge – Another Before & After Bonsai

Originator: Bonsaibark This radical before and after Sargent’s Juniper (Juniperus sargenti, aka Shimpaku) required technical and artistic skills you don’t see everyday. The artist is Salatore Liporace Staying with our before & after theme. This one is from our archives (August, 2014).  It was titled Technical Skills, Great Vision & An Unsolved Mystery. The artist is Salvatore Liporace. My […]

Before & After – Same Artist, Another Bonsai

Originator: Bonsaibark The striking results you see here involve the eye of an artist and the skill of a professional. In this case, Manuel Germade is both the artist and the professional. There’s no mention of the type tree and I won’t guess. The caption reads  “Manuel Germade Bonsai Maintenance – Rocco Cicciarello (Italy)” I cropped the before photo to eliminate […]

Before & After – Maintaining & Upgrading Quality Bonsai

Originator: Bonsaibark This high quality bonsai provides an excellent example of a before and after, when the before is already a well established tree. The tree belongs to Yannik Kiggen (coincidentally, we just did a first time post on Yannick last month). The artist is Manuel Germade, another first timer here on Bark. Though the variety isn’t […]

Dance, People, Bird & Other Innovative Bonsai

Originator: Bonsaibark Selecting a lead tree isn’t always easy. Especially with so many good bonsai to choose from. I settled on this one partly because it’s a full cascade and good full cascade bonsai aren’t that common, and partly because of the tree’s overall relaxed feel; the unusual way the foliage seems draped across the […]


Source: Kaizen Bonsai Blog ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH VIDEO This documentary is an absolute ‘must see’. Limited time availability on BBC Iplayer. Deep Down & Dirty: The Science of Soil G. The post ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH VIDEO appeared first on Kaizen Bonsai Blog.

Silky Smooth

Originator: Bonsaibark We cropped the original photo (just below) so we could get a closer look at both the extraordinary pot and the heart of this magnificent tree. We don’t know the variety, but thanks to Silky Jemiran, we do know that the owner is Tri Djoko Endro Susilo. Yesterday’s Root Over Rock Bonsai with Sherlock Holmes featured a handful of excellent tropical bonsai […]

Root Over Rock Bonsai with Sherlock Holmes

Originator: Bonsaibark Not exactly root-over-rock, but more like root-next-to-small-rock. Still, simplicity contrasted with a wild shape and texture make for a striking bonsai. By the way, I did not commit the sin of chopping off the pot, though I did adjust the image to take out background noise. All three photos shown here were lifted […]

An Exciting ‘New’ Shohin Bonsai Forum

Originator: Bonsaibark I’m a sucker for a tree like this, with its colorful profusion of tiny fruit and its muscular little trunk. It’s a Dwarf Kumquat (Kinzu) that I took the liberty to crop in order to eliminate background noise (the uncropped original is below). Our source for this photo (see below) mentions the type […]

Root-Over-Rock Bonsai

Originator: Bonsaibark No source is given for this colorful ‘Seki-joju’ Satsuki Azalea. My best guess is that the tree and photo are originally from Japan; it’s not uncommon for Japanese trees to remain unattributed (this is often the case in the Japanese gallery section in Bonsai Today magazine back issues). We found the photo on […]